Sea Power is a professional marine company, with more than 30 years of presence and experience in the Marine Industry, offering service to the market of Greece, Cyprus, U.K and Switzerland.

The high standards and reputation of Sea Power as a quality provider have contributed in generating repeated business and creating longstanding relationships with the most reputable Shipowners and Shipyards. Providing our service to around 750 vessels equipped with MITSUI MAN B&W
engines, makes us proud to be the Representatives of the pioneer Japanese engine maker Messrs.
Mitsui E&S for the last 30 years.

As a leading manufacturer of diesel engine in the world, are proud of the plentiful production record and experience

1926 Entered into licensing agreement with Burmeister & Wain A/S

1928 Completed the first Mitsui-B&W diesel engine

1933 Completed the first Mitsui-B&W two stroke double-acting engine

1969 Completed 9K98FF

1973 Completed the world’s first 7K90GF

1976 Completed the world’s first 7K67GF

1976 Completed the world’s first 6L67GF

1977 Completed the first Mitsui-6L42M

1979 Completed the world’s first 6L55GFC

1981 Started production of Mitsui-MAN NA type turbocharger

1982 Completed the world’s first 6L90GBE

1983 Completed the world’s first 6L60MC

1985 Completed 6L90MCE

1986 Started production of Mitsui electronic governor

1989 Acquired Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S

1992 Completed the new plant for assembling and shop test, i.e. "A" wing of the heavy-machinery shop

1997 Completed the world's first S50MC-C

1998 Completed the first Mitsui 6ADD30V

2004 Completed 7S50ME-C, electronically-controlled engine

2005 Expanded “A” wing of the heavy-machinery shop

2007 Expanded “C” wing of the heavy-machinery shop

2008 Achieved 60 million aggregated horse power

2009 Completed a new assembling and testing shop

2010 Achieved 70 million aggregated horse power

2012 Achieved 80 million aggregate horsepower by a single model engine (7S65ME-C)

2013 Demonstration event of Electronically Controlled Gas-Injection Diesel Engine (ME-GI) for Marine Use

2014 Development of Condition-Based Engine Monitoring System for electronically controlled diesel engines       //       First order of ME-GI diesel engine (MITSUI MAN B&W 8S70ME-C8.2-GI)       //      Development of Electronic control VIT Sytem (Fuel Saving System)

2014 Development of EcoCam Retrofit (Fuel Saving System) Fuel-efficiency modifications to the main engine and turbocharger (Derating)

2015 Development of electrically-driven moment compensator "RotComp"

2016 Marine Engineering of the Year 2015 awarded to Mitsui Low Speed Engine for using Methanol as fuel

2017 Man Diesel Turbo expands Mitsui cooperation

2018 Mitsui completes steam cracking furnaces for ExxonMobil

2019 Built advanced version of 'neo66BC', eco-friendly/low fuel consumption

2020 Introduction of monitoring system CMAXS e-GICSX (for next generation engine ME/ME-B/ME-C) developed jointly with ClassNK

2021 MITSUI becomes the first engine maker who offers a complete and permanent EPL solution for all their engines in compliance with the EEXI regulations

2022 MITSUI signs the first license agreement to manufacture MHI MET Turbochargers

2023 MITSUI merges with IHI Power Systems for 2-stroke engines establishing MITSUI E&S DU Co Ltd

2024 MITSUI performs world's first successful Hydrogen Combustion Operation with a Large Marine Engine

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